Mar. 14th, 2010

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I am so happy to have a dreamwidth account! Many thanks to JJHunter who offered me an invite code in return for a very clumsy haiku, over on dw_codesharing.

When I started posting my writing, I was hesitant to start an account on LJ. I've gotten more and more dissatisfied with LJ over the years, especially since that whole mess in 2007 with the mass deletions, and now the ads. So I'm absolutely delighted to have a DW account for my fannish stuff.

Of course, most things in fandom are still happening over at LJ, so I've got my account there for posting, and will continue to post skeleton updates to LJ. Actual fic and entries of substance, however, will go here and/or over at the AO3.

With regards to the fic writing, I've been in a very productive but not very focused mood lately. I've started half a dozen or more new stories in the last couple weeks, of which a couple might actually turn into something. I've got drafts of four podfics floating around that need editing as well. Just need to buckle down and do the grunt work to get something finished!

I'm still working pretty much only on due South stuff. That's almost a year of fannish exclusivity, which has got to be some kind of a record for me. Kinda funny. I've been writing fic for years and years without ever posting anything. And the fandom that finally sucks me in? A show that was on back when I first started writing, but that I didn't even watch until ten years later. Ahh the irony.

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