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Welcome to the rewatch reaction post for “All the Queen’s Horses”. As usual, most of the commentary is on the lighthearted side. Scoot on over to Truepenny if you want a literary-style analysis of due South. She has an excellent breakdown of what the Fraser/Thatcher kiss might- and might not- mean.

This is, of course, one of the classic episodes of due South, a favorite of most of ours. I think Shar spoke for all of us: “i'm so excited! the singing! the dead!bob! the kiss!” We also agree that this is one of Thatcher’s best episodes. She looks lovely in the serge, and her performance during the action sequences is also something we all would have liked to see more of.

[personal profile] thankyoukindly likes the “'you're dead' jokes” at dead!bob’s expense, and [personal profile] thursdaynext_27 suggests “a montage of all the times Fraser reminds Dead!Bob he's dead.” Shar suggests that “an oh dear montage” would also be appropriate :-D

The opinions on Frobisher’s flatulance jokes are mixed. [personal profile] luzula and [personal profile] thankyoukindly are not great fans, while myself and [profile] lucifuge_5 think that Leslie Nielsen makes it all worth it. And, the flatulance does have plot value, what with Frobisher’s invulnerability to the gas, as [personal profile] helens78 points out.

[personal profile] thursdaynext_27 has her ear on the commentary and notes that “Leslie's dad was RCMP, and he showed PG how to lace up the boots properly”

Thatcher’s inspiratoinal speech and the stiff mounties are hillarious, but the singing is definitely excellent. Much fangirl squee about singing mounties.

[personal profile] thursdaynext_27 wonders if “this the first episode that PG wrote?”, since he did get the teleplay credit, as [personal profile] akamine_chan points out, “with John Krizack (his writing partner) and Paul Quarrington, who passed away lasdt year:

[profile] lucifuge_5 notes that, even on a train, Fraser just HAS to jump out a window, which generates our first plot bunny: “maybe Fraser's Mountiness disappears if he doesn't jump out a window”
[personal profile] thursdaynext_27 thinks this episode “is taking toilet humor a bit too literally”, but [personal profile] helens78 figures that “this is one of those moments that makes you go, "Yeah, Paul Gross is a DUDE. The man is TOTALLY A GUY." and wants to “see Fraser's "guy" moments -- you never really see them in the show”

At this point Thatcher changes into her serge, and we spend a few minutes appreciating how well she wears it. There is general agreement that she should spend more time in uniform.

Frobisher and dead!Bob’s conversation about the the great yukon double-douglas fir telescoping bank shot is very amusing, and [personal profile] spuffyduds astutely notes that “they don't show the 2 of them in the same shot until frobisher believes him.”

RayV shows remarkable ability to multi-task, negotiating with terrorists while playing poker in his living room. And he looks good doing it:[personal profile] thursdaynext_27 appreciates his sweater vest, and “[personal profile] helens78 notes that “Ray's outfits this season have been so lovely.”

Frobisher and dead!bob’s interaction in the train’s engine compartment is telling: very reminiscent of Fraser and Vecchio’s dynamic. "When you hum, it always means something" says Frobisher. Though, [personal profile] luzula notes that, in some ways, it’s almost more like Fraser and RayK in MOTB.

[personal profile] thankyoukindly notes that “on dS, feds = most incompotent force possible”, as the FBI comes in to (cough*botch*cough) take over the investigation.

[profile] lucifuge_5 thinks that Vecchio looks like a college professor and wonders “how come there aren't any teacher!Vecchio fics?” [personal profile] helens78 suggests that “schoolboy!RayK /teacher!RayV roleplay” or even “slacker!RayK and disciplinarian!RayV and caring counselor!Fraser :D” might be even better.

Welsh’s geeking out over the musical ride is very amusing and inspires some speculation. He’s such a mounty fanboy: why does the musical ride haunt him so?
[2:22:05 PM] Thurs / lj user=thursdaynext_27: OMG, DS so needed a musical episode.

[personal profile] thankyoukindly notes that “dS apparently almost had a musical episode, Jay Semko wrote songs for each character and everything.” The rest of us wish it had been filmed!

[profile] lucifuge_5 notes that Bolt demonstrates a curious understanding of D/s when he explores the dynamics implied in tying Fraser and Tatcher up together. Like , I was distracted wondering “why Yummy thatcher is still half buttoned up?” [personal profile] luzula and [personal profile] helens78 note that it’s “like a fuck or die fic!” [personal profile] akamine_chan thinks that “this scene sooooo calls for more. like naked bodies and sex kind of scene. i nominate someone else to write it.” I will also have to take a pass, as I’ve tried to write it in the past and just couldnt’ get the creative juices flowing. [personal profile] helens78 suggests a premise: “Thatcher decides that there should be mandatory training in this sort of scenario so that people can more easily escape from handcuffs. Things go... awry.”

Overall, I think said it best: “this is a great scene - and fraser and thatcher the combined beauty makes the screen combust!” And the fanservice angle was lovely, as [personal profile] helens78 pointed out: “It was like, ‘Dear show: not only do you give me the fanservice with some Fraser/Thatcher UST, YOU GIVE ME HANDCUFFS TOO. Can I have your babies now?’”

[profile] lucifuge_5 goes “all googly-eyed by action!Thatcher,” as she comes to the rescue, (“or the anti-rescue” as [personal profile] thursdaynext_27 puts it), on top of the train. We agree that this is probably Thatcher’s best episode, though “Eggmen” ([personal profile] thursdaynext_27) and "Seeing is Believing" ([profile] lucifuge_5) are good also.

The kiss scene on top of the train was very appreciated. Shar remebers “thinking this was so romantic when i was young. . . “i still do.” lj user="luzula" think thatcher’s windblown hair is lovely. [personal profile] helens78 makes the most pithy comment: apparently, Fraser “can really only make himself vulnerable like this when his life is on the line, these days. *pets him*”. [personal profile] akamine_chan has had her fill of UST and desperately needs someone to write her Fraser/Thatcher fic pronto :-D

The addition of Fraser’s damaged hat to the scene is hillarious. [personal profile] thankyoukindly loves “how dS can never take things seriously for too long,” though [personal profile] luzula questions whether “the top of the hat [would] really have been sheared off like that?” As points out, it could just be part of the magical realism-- but it could also be an inhernet limitation in the Stetson of Invulnerability! Shar thinks maybe “kissing weaknes it”, and [profile] lucifuge_5 figures that, “when it comes to hormonal urges becoming realized, the Stetson's force field weakens. . . .which is WHY Fraser takes it off when kissing RayK (or RayV or Turnbull or whoever)”

[personal profile] thursdaynext_27 wonders”what they would've done w/ Fraser & Thatcher if CBS had done the 3rd season”

Ironically, many of us agree that Bolt is not a great villian. thinks he’s “prtty blah,” and Shar feels that “he is so annoying and TURNED ON BY HORSES!” and give us “confusing evil/santa vibes.” I think he’s not a strong enough villian to hold the story, and [personal profile] akamine_chan feels that he’s “kinda creepy, in spite of his cheer and beret.”

As Bolt takes Thatcher away on the train, [personal profile] helens78 and have another impressive set of observations:
lj user=helens78: And Fraser's first instinct is to go with Thatcher.
marion: just like his first instinct was to go with victoria
lj user=helens78: really, imagine what that's like for him -- another woman on a train that's disappearing into the distance

[personal profile] akamine_chan wants [personal profile] helens78 to write some awesome fic about it. Hels demurs but agrees that “something that really hammers on that parallel would be AWESOME. Someone needs to write that. *nodnodnod*” I got inspired and am working on a snippet.

[personal profile] thankyoukindly notes that “both rays have quite interesting nicknames for thatcher,” which [personal profile] helens78 says is because they’re jealous of her. That makes [personal profile] spuffyduds wonder if there are “any 3some fraser/thatcher/either ray fics out there?” Nobody can think of any, and [profile] lucifuge_5 nominates Spuffy to write it, which [personal profile] helens78 and [personal profile] akamine_chan second.

[personal profile] akamine_chan notes that the A plot “really is "speed" before keanu reeves was born.”

[personal profile] helens78 appreciates Buck’s shot at the switch (and without a scope, no less!), but [personal profile] spuffyduds notes that “bob's clearly embarrassed by how he made the shot. it must be "i closed my eyes and prayed" or something.”

We are much amused that the mounties wake up singing, without so much as an interruption.

and Shar agree that Frobisher and the other mounties joining Fraser to ride after bolt is a great moment. And, of course, Fraser and a whole bunch of mounties on horses are excellent. Even dead!Bob gets his own dead!horse, which gives us “canon for ghost!animals!” as [personal profile] helens78 points out. The only problem with the final scene, as [personal profile] luzula notes, is “thatcher being the maiden in distress.” I don’t like that she doesn’t get to ride her own horse, though [personal profile] akamine_chan does remind me that she gets to take out Bolt personally.

With respect to Thatcher’s many conditions on the possibility of ever kissing Fraser again, [personal profile] helens78 loves “how she builds in an "unless", even if it is wildly unlikely.” wants someone to write the story where “Fraser somehow manages to set up the exact same circumstances in order to get to third base with Thatcher.” [personal profile] luzula remebers that there *is* such a fic already, and digs up the link: http://icepixie.livejournal.com/469382.html

There is general agreement that the ep, as a whole, is one of the best. I think [profile] lucifuge_5 sums it up for all of us: “It's one of those eps that has everything: action, romance, hot Thatcher looking yummy in her Mountie uniform.” And, sadly, “Body Language”, which follows it, doesn’t really maintain that level of quality.

Plot bunnies generated by All the Queen’s Horses:
- all mounties are required to be able to play the guitar
- “maybe Fraser's Mountiness disappears if he doesn't jump out a window”
- show us Fraser’s guy moments!
- RayV as college professor
- schoolboy!RayK /teacher!RayV roleplay
- Welsh's experience with the musical ride. Why does it haunt him?
- more of Fraser and Thatcher tied up on the train. Do they practice escapism to avoid a recurrence? Do we see another way the scene could have gone? So much possibility!
- any Fraser/Thatcher fic-- the UST is just so thick in this episode!
- Fraser somehow manages to set up the exact same circumstances in order to get to third base with Thatcher.

For information on the actual musical ride, check out the wikipedia page, and the RCMP’s own info page. I, myself, have never seen it, but I understand that a fair number of people in the dS community have.

So, that’s it for this week. Please join us for the rewatch next week, Sunday 9/12 at 2:00pm EST, to watch “The Duel” and “Red, White and Blue.” If you’re shy about joining the conversation without knowing anyone, check out [personal profile] akamine_chan’s Getting-To-Know-You-Friending-Meme-Mixer-Thing-a-ma-bob at DW or LJ. And take a look at the Rewatch Rewrite community for ongoing plot bunny ideas.

We’re coming up on the end of S2, so a big change is on the horizon!

Date: 2010-09-07 07:09 pm (UTC)
helens78: A man in a leather jacket, seated on the ground, looks up hopefully. (Default)
From: [personal profile] helens78
SQUEE! What a great writeup! :D

And extra bonus squee for this: I got inspired and am working on a snippet. \o/!!!

Date: 2010-09-08 03:34 am (UTC)
helens78: A man in a leather jacket, seated on the ground, looks up hopefully. (Default)
From: [personal profile] helens78
I don't mind a bit! (If you don't want duplicate entries clogging up your reading list, btw, I do post everything to both [personal profile] helensfic and [personal profile] helens78. :) ) Thanks for being understanding about the social-interaction stuff -- although, honestly, I'm terribly excited to see Rewatch Crew here on DW, I've just been lazylazyLAZY about making sure I have subscribed to you all. :D

Date: 2010-09-08 04:15 am (UTC)
thursdaynext_27: (Default)
From: [personal profile] thursdaynext_27
Great recap!

I think the Rays' choice of nicknames for Thatcher are interesting contrast. Vecchio calls her Dragon Lady (heat) and Kowalski calls her Ice Queen (cold).

Date: 2010-11-24 04:26 am (UTC)
peoriapeoriawhereart: in red serge Benton looks askance (Benton looks back)
From: [personal profile] peoriapeoriawhereart
No one mentioned Ray pulling a Fraser and jumping onto the train? While carrying Dief. Or how Fraser is spotless when he's on the push cart? Despite falling from the train.

There is a v fic at dsa from olden days.

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