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And would you believe, the "irreparable markup errors" that rendered my first draft of the rewatch reaction post unreadable, and which I procrastinated for *months* rather than fixing, were because of smartquotes?

Sometimes I really hate computers.
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I now present an exceedingly tardy rewatch reaction post for Flashback, which we watched on 9/19/2010 (late>=never). This was the last episode of Season 2, and the last episode where Vecchio was our primary Ray. [personal profile] lucifuge5 long ago posted the reaction to the rewatch of "Burning Down the House" from the same date.

Original Recap behind cut )

So that’s it for the Flashback reaction post. Absurdly late, but not never-- we will at least have a complete set. If you haven’t had a chance to join us for the rewatch yet, please feel free to drop by: 2pm every Sunday on Skype. Check out the getting-to-know-you meme on [personal profile] akamine_chan’s journal (on LJ or DW), as well as her excellent list of all posts related to the rewatch. And we hope to see you there!
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Welcome to the rewatch reaction post for “All the Queen’s Horses”. As usual, most of the commentary is on the lighthearted side. Scoot on over to Truepenny if you want a literary-style analysis of due South. She has an excellent breakdown of what the Fraser/Thatcher kiss might- and might not- mean.

This is, of course, one of the classic episodes of due South, a favorite of most of ours. I think Shar spoke for all of us: “i'm so excited! the singing! the dead!bob! the kiss!” We also agree that this is one of Thatcher’s best episodes. She looks lovely in the serge, and her performance during the action sequences is also something we all would have liked to see more of.

“Commentary_behind_the_cut” )

For information on the actual musical ride, check out the wikipedia page, and the RCMP’s own info page. I, myself, have never seen it, but I understand that a fair number of people in the dS community have.

So, that’s it for this week. Please join us for the rewatch next week, Sunday 9/12 at 2:00pm EST, to watch “The Duel” and “Red, White and Blue.” If you’re shy about joining the conversation without knowing anyone, check out [personal profile] akamine_chan’s Getting-To-Know-You-Friending-Meme-Mixer-Thing-a-ma-bob at DW or LJ. And take a look at the Rewatch Rewrite community for ongoing plot bunny ideas.

We’re coming up on the end of S2, so a big change is on the horizon!

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