Dec. 27th, 2009

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This is journal for my creative works, mostly fanfic.  I'll be posting links to things I've written or otherwise made, and links to things that other people have written that I particularly like.  I'll also be using it to participate in online fandom.  This is not where I'll be talking about my life, or my philosophy, or my job, or my politics.  I've got lots to say on all of those topics, but it goes elsewhere.  

At the moment, I intend to make this entire journal open-access, so there should be no need for anyone to friend me if they want to read.  Likewise, the people I friend are just the people whose journals I want to read while I'm signed into this account.  My IRL friends know where else they can find me.  

I am not a fan of LJ, and I plan to migrate off the service once there's a viable fandom presence elsewhere.  Until then, I won't put much actual content here, only links to content I've posted elsewhere.  I apologise for the inconvenience, but I also sincerely apologise for the ads.  I could get rid of them by paying for a membership, and that's exactly why I won't.

I'll clearly label everything I write for content and intended audience, but I don't like the MPAA rating system and I'll mostly be avoiding it.  I write a lot of sexually explicit stuff, so believe me when I say something is for mature readers only.  I write a lot of slash, so if gay porn isn't your thing, please don't read it.  With that in mind, this journal is listed for mature readers only.  No one who isn't of age to read pornography should be looking at it.  That didn't stop me when I was younger, but there you have it.

I always appreciate constructive criticism-- even more than compliments, actually, I love getting advice on how to improve.  But I do expect the rules of common courtesy to be respected.   

If you have any questions, drop me an email or a comment, and I'll be glad to answer.

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