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I've recorded a podfic of Resonant's Loving North. It's Fraser/Kowalski, rated NC-17, and its one of my favorite stories. I had lots of fun recording it, but I'm not satisfied with my Kowalski-voice at all. I'm really just too stuffy to sound like a Ray!

The original story can be found on Resonant's website: http://trickster.org/res/loving.html
The podfic is at megaupload at: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q68T4EH0.

On other fannish fronts, my partner and I spent a lovely weekend visiting with [personal profile] jjtaylor, who showed us the videos for My Chemical Romance's new album, and I am so psyched! I doubt I'll ever be seriously into bandom, but I have a not-so-secret guilty love of MCR. I adore intricate, layered music that tells a story (The Decemberists "The Crane Wife" is my favorite album ever) and, apparently, that extends to post-apocalyptic emo hardcore. I suspect we'll be listening to the album on loop on the drive home tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it.
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And would you believe, the "irreparable markup errors" that rendered my first draft of the rewatch reaction post unreadable, and which I procrastinated for *months* rather than fixing, were because of smartquotes?

Sometimes I really hate computers.
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I now present an exceedingly tardy rewatch reaction post for Flashback, which we watched on 9/19/2010 (late>=never). This was the last episode of Season 2, and the last episode where Vecchio was our primary Ray. [personal profile] lucifuge5 long ago posted the reaction to the rewatch of "Burning Down the House" from the same date.

Original Recap behind cut )

So that’s it for the Flashback reaction post. Absurdly late, but not never-- we will at least have a complete set. If you haven’t had a chance to join us for the rewatch yet, please feel free to drop by: 2pm every Sunday on Skype. Check out the getting-to-know-you meme on [personal profile] akamine_chan’s journal (on LJ or DW), as well as her excellent list of all posts related to the rewatch. And we hope to see you there!
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You know, it's hard not to talk about one's job, when one's job takes up the bulk of one's time, waking and sleeping, weekdays and weekends, every day one is not physically incapacitated or out of telephone range.  It's a little bit maddening. 

So I got called back in to work at the first possible minute after my disability leave was up, and I have been going at it since.  I've been so busy clearing the backlog that I've barely written in weeks, and I've been entirely out of social circulation since I got back.  I think I've finally got it all under control, at least to the point that I can turn some of my attention back to more enjoyable pursuits.  At least I hope so.

Anyway, nuff said 'bout the job.

I had my reaction post for "Flashback" half-finished before I got called back, and will happily finish and post if people think it's still worthwhile at this late date .  My goal for this week is to finish at least one of the stories I've got in plot-complete draft form and post it somewhere-- on dw or lj, if I can't get it to AO3-worthy fully beta'd readiness.  Time to restore some balance to the life.

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So, I thought I'd say a few words on my habits as a writer. Here begins shameless navel contemplation. . .  )
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I wrote a snippet in response to [personal profile] helens78's plot bunny from last week's rewatch of "All the Queen's Horses". The snippet won't make much since if you're not familiar with the episode. It's based on a specific moment, when Bolt disconnects the caboose car and leaves Fraser and Frobisher alone to stop a train hurtling towards a nuclear explosion. Bolt keeps Thatcher (with whom Fraser has recently shared a Moment) as a hostage and Frobisher has to bodily stop Fraser from jumping after her, choosing to abandon their main objective in favor of rescuing her.

So, here it is:

Distancing )

Thanks so much to [personal profile] luzula and [personal profile] andeincascade for the excellent beta work. I'll be putting it up on the AO3 as well. Feedback always appreciated!
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As I said in the "All the Queen's Horses" rewatch reaction post, I've been working on a snippet inspired by 's plot bunny about Fraser watching Thatcher leaving on the train, and the parallels with Victoria. I was wondering if I could impose upon someone for a quick beta. It's about 450 words, and I'd love to have someone take a look at it, point out the rough edges that need a polish, and give an opinion on general workability of style and content (it's sort of stream of consciousness, which either works or it doesn't, and I can never tell with my own writing. . .). Help with a better title also wouldn't go amiss-- I think I stole this one from somewhere, but I can't remember where.

*goes back to canning tomato sauce and editing podfic!*
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Welcome to the rewatch reaction post for “All the Queen’s Horses”. As usual, most of the commentary is on the lighthearted side. Scoot on over to Truepenny if you want a literary-style analysis of due South. She has an excellent breakdown of what the Fraser/Thatcher kiss might- and might not- mean.

This is, of course, one of the classic episodes of due South, a favorite of most of ours. I think Shar spoke for all of us: “i'm so excited! the singing! the dead!bob! the kiss!” We also agree that this is one of Thatcher’s best episodes. She looks lovely in the serge, and her performance during the action sequences is also something we all would have liked to see more of.

“Commentary_behind_the_cut” )

For information on the actual musical ride, check out the wikipedia page, and the RCMP’s own info page. I, myself, have never seen it, but I understand that a fair number of people in the dS community have.

So, that’s it for this week. Please join us for the rewatch next week, Sunday 9/12 at 2:00pm EST, to watch “The Duel” and “Red, White and Blue.” If you’re shy about joining the conversation without knowing anyone, check out [personal profile] akamine_chan’s Getting-To-Know-You-Friending-Meme-Mixer-Thing-a-ma-bob at DW or LJ. And take a look at the Rewatch Rewrite community for ongoing plot bunny ideas.

We’re coming up on the end of S2, so a big change is on the horizon!

New Fanfic

Sep. 5th, 2010 02:56 pm
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I recently posted a couple of new fics to AO3:

Passage: F/K, Teen, set during CotW. More or less a songfic, for which I apologize, but the bunny just would *not* get out of my head till I wrote it.

Often: an explicit F/V UST masturbation piece. I wrote it as a character study for a story that didn't get written, and thought it might stand alone, but it is some fairly angsty porn.

I'm going to have more time for fic in the immediate future-- thanks to an unfortunately serious injury, I'm out of work for the next couple weeks. I'm hoping to be able to use the time to catch up on my reading (both bookish and ficcish), and I'm at least going to be able to keep up with the sunday rewatch!

I'm finishing up a couple of short Speranza podfics for posting some time this week. I've discovered that, as much as I love Speranza's stuff, it's hard for me to read aloud-- her writing and my speaking just don't match up very well. I'd still love to tackle one of her longer pieces, but it'd require even more editing time than is my usual.
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I've recorded a couple more short podfics of [personal profile] arrow00's stuff. Will add audiofic archive links when available.

One Small Thing:
due South, F/K, NC-17, runtime 13:52
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?igmymyjtzhu
Text: http://arrow00.livejournal.com/6771.html 

All of Us Drown:
due South, F/K, PG, runtime 9:35
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?e1omkozmmwy
Text: http://arrow00.livejournal.com/12841.html

In other news, I got an ipad a few weeks ago and it is *awesome* stuff for playing on the internet. And, for a touch typist like myself, it's pretty decent for writing as well. I did most of the work for Transcanada on the ipad, and it was easy-- though some of the formatting errors on AO3 are definitely due to incompatibility between the ipad's pages program, googledocs, and the googledocs program on the ipad. Anyway, as I expected, almost all of the things I would use a computer for I can do just as well, or better, on the ipad-- as well as some things I couldn't do on a computer at all. Which is great, because one of the big reasons to get the thing was to get me off of my partner's computer, so she can use it for her own work.

But, what I haven't found for my new toy- ahem, tool- is any reasonably priced sound editing software. So it's cramping my style, podfic-wise. Possibly, this is for the best, considering how scattered my attention has been, and how limited my time is. So, for now, I'm trying to go with the limits of my tools, and focus my attention on writing.
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I've posted my entry for the 2010 LGBTfest!

Title: Transcanada
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 7066
Summary: Fraser cradles Ray in his arms and wonders, desperately, what he is going to do when Ray wakes up. He was certain to notice the breasts.

Links: LGBTfest or AO3

Feedback is always welcome!
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I have volunteered myself for an lgbtfest prompt: "1192. Due South, Benton Fraser, Post-CotW No one in Chicago knew - or needed to know - about Fraser's history, but living off a dogsled in the Northwest Territories made it hard to hide that he'd never been able to afford even top surgery. (Fraser is FtM)."

I've been looking for something to set as a goal for myself, but even the fairly generous timelines of DSFlashfiction aren't something I can usually meet. That prompt put a couple of ideas in my head, though, and I'm confident I can write something in response to it in two (!!) months. I'll probably be stalking people for beta-reads in a month or so. I'll run it by my usual beta-editor, but I suspect this is a bit outside her comfort zone.

I've been really frustrated by my own lack of focus lately. Not that it's unusual but, I've actually managed to complete a couple of projects (modest ones, but still) now. I've probably started more than a dozen story ideas in the last month, put a fair amount of fairly unproductive time into one long piece I've been working on for a while, and I have no less than four podfics recorded and waiting for editing. I just can't seem to get anything finished. Part of it is my god-awful schedule, but a lot of it is just my own inability to focus on anything for more than 30 seconds. Hopefully having a goal will help with some of this.

That said, it's wierd that this prompt is the one that grabbed me. I usually try to write close to canon---it's a major flaw, really, and stops me from making the kind of fantastically creative leaps that characterize the very best fic. So why on earth I glommed on to such a canonically impossible fic idea is a bit of a mystery. I mean, gender identity and the transgender experience is something that's always been of interest to me, but still-- odd. Could be either really fantastic, or god-awful.

We'll see where it goes. Hopefully, I'll get it done in time!
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I am so happy to have a dreamwidth account! Many thanks to JJHunter who offered me an invite code in return for a very clumsy haiku, over on dw_codesharing.

When I started posting my writing, I was hesitant to start an account on LJ. I've gotten more and more dissatisfied with LJ over the years, especially since that whole mess in 2007 with the mass deletions, and now the ads. So I'm absolutely delighted to have a DW account for my fannish stuff.

Of course, most things in fandom are still happening over at LJ, so I've got my account there for posting, and will continue to post skeleton updates to LJ. Actual fic and entries of substance, however, will go here and/or over at the AO3.

With regards to the fic writing, I've been in a very productive but not very focused mood lately. I've started half a dozen or more new stories in the last couple weeks, of which a couple might actually turn into something. I've got drafts of four podfics floating around that need editing as well. Just need to buckle down and do the grunt work to get something finished!

I'm still working pretty much only on due South stuff. That's almost a year of fannish exclusivity, which has got to be some kind of a record for me. Kinda funny. I've been writing fic for years and years without ever posting anything. And the fandom that finally sucks me in? A show that was on back when I first started writing, but that I didn't even watch until ten years later. Ahh the irony.
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I've recorded Arrow's The Question of Ghosts as a podfic.
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rated: R
Warning: Primary Character Death (and still a happy ending!)
Runtime: 42:37
Mediafire Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?otwjiwymm4n
It will also be posted on the Audiofic Archive.  

I'm not perfectly happy with it-- my reading rhythm is off in places, I did a bit too much of the monotone thing, and I don't think I really got Ray's voice very well. But it will do.

Feedback, please!
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I'll be posting my stories on Archive of Our Own: http://archiveofourown.org/users/2corbies/.  The only thing up there at the moment is a Due South snippet I wrote for a friend, entitled Dewey Decimal : http://archiveofourown.org/works/40867 .  It's a teen-appropriate pre-slashy character piece, with references to Fraser/Victoria and intimations of Fraser/Vecchio. 

More to come!
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This is journal for my creative works, mostly fanfic.  I'll be posting links to things I've written or otherwise made, and links to things that other people have written that I particularly like.  I'll also be using it to participate in online fandom.  This is not where I'll be talking about my life, or my philosophy, or my job, or my politics.  I've got lots to say on all of those topics, but it goes elsewhere.  

At the moment, I intend to make this entire journal open-access, so there should be no need for anyone to friend me if they want to read.  Likewise, the people I friend are just the people whose journals I want to read while I'm signed into this account.  My IRL friends know where else they can find me.  

I am not a fan of LJ, and I plan to migrate off the service once there's a viable fandom presence elsewhere.  Until then, I won't put much actual content here, only links to content I've posted elsewhere.  I apologise for the inconvenience, but I also sincerely apologise for the ads.  I could get rid of them by paying for a membership, and that's exactly why I won't.

I'll clearly label everything I write for content and intended audience, but I don't like the MPAA rating system and I'll mostly be avoiding it.  I write a lot of sexually explicit stuff, so believe me when I say something is for mature readers only.  I write a lot of slash, so if gay porn isn't your thing, please don't read it.  With that in mind, this journal is listed for mature readers only.  No one who isn't of age to read pornography should be looking at it.  That didn't stop me when I was younger, but there you have it.

I always appreciate constructive criticism-- even more than compliments, actually, I love getting advice on how to improve.  But I do expect the rules of common courtesy to be respected.   

If you have any questions, drop me an email or a comment, and I'll be glad to answer.
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